Goal setting basics – for athletes

Good day, I am going to share some valuable information with you today. Please read through this article as this is the first step to your dream! Understanding goal setting basics will help you structure your goal better. I will also give you tips on what to do with your well-structured goal. Let’s get started!

How to run hurdles – Long Hurdles

There are many events in Track and Field that requires a great deal of skill, mental toughness, speed, speed endurance physical strength etc. The Long Hurdles event are no exception, it is a very tough event to compete in. Today I will look at how to run hurdles, with the focus on the Long Hurdles,

Hurdling for beginners – High Hurdles

Sprinting over Hurdles at a smooth, flowing and powerful movement is a skill and needs to be practiced over time. Today I will be sharing some basic information about hurdling for beginners in the High Hurdling events. Hurdles can be divided into High Hurdles (70 – 110 meters) and Long Hurdles (150 – 400 meters).